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Green News

Green News at Benziger

April 2010


National Resources Defense Council recognizes Benziger
as leader in water conservation

On April 13th the National Resources Defense Council named Mike Benziger their "Growing Green" 2010 Water Steward. The award was part of NRDC’s Annual Growing Green  Awards, which honors farmers, business leaders and promoters of sustainable food. The Water Steward category  consisted of farmers or other food producers who made extraordinary contributions in demonstrating water  efficiency, sustainable water use and the protection of water quality. Benziger was chosen out of a field of 170 industry leaders.

Click here to check out what goes into being nominated and learn more about the award.

Read Mike's blog about the important role water plays for a Biodynamic vineyard.


Benziger Family Winery officially Carbon Neutral

We've partnered with a great group called Carbonfund.org to invest in an equivalent carbon reduction through a California based truck stop electrification project. Becoming a carbon neutral business has been a long-time goal for us, but we wanted to be sure that we had conserved our resources and reduced our impact environmentally in all the ways that we could before taking the next step to become carbon neutral. This truck stop electrification project is relevant to our business and reduces emissions from idling by a gallon of diesel per hour per truck. That adds up to a lot of fuel and emissions reduced over time.

Click here to find out more about the Truck Stop Electrification Project.





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