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It is Benziger Family Winery’s belief that wine quality is improved through the reduction of artificial inputs in a vineyard and by using natural farming practices. Healthier soils and a healthier environment grow healthier vines that produce distinctive quality grapes and ultimately, wines.

Farming for Flavors™ is a unique and customized quality assurance program that challenges all Benziger growers to cultivate grapes with more character, distinctive flavors and aromas through environmentally sound methods. The program empowers growers to capture individuality in their vineyards through reducing inputs and using natural faming practices. Farming for Flavors™ , by its nature, promotes a healthier environment for the vineyard.

The purpose of the Distinct Quality Point Assessment (DQPA) is to provide a scorecard for each grower’s performance in farming their vineyards in a sustainable manner. Points are given for performing basic farming techniques.

Growers will evaluate themselves annually. Each grower must score at least 1000 points for the 2012 growing season to be Certified Sustainable in Farming for Flavors™ . The Farming for Flavors™ Distinctive Quality Assurance Program will be verified by Stellar Certification Services, Inc., a third party certifying agency. The overall goal of the program is for improvement in distinct wine quality, while increasing the general health in and around the lands you farm. Ultimately, as the grower improves in sustainability through the Farming for Flavors™ Distinctive Quality Assurance Program, the point total for each year will be increased.


***Choose all answers listed that apply to you. This means you may have more than one option selected per question.***

Take all points where applicable, as they are cumulative. Additional points are given for practices that improve distinct grape quality, biodiversity and reduction of synthetic and artificial inputs.

For example, if asked "Do you attend Benziger Family Winery 'Hot Topics' sessions?" and the answer possibilities were:
a) You have never attended (0 points)
b) You have attended at least one session (5 points)
c) You regularly attend sessions (10 points)
d) You have brought your vineyard manager and other employees (20 points)

If you regularly attend sessions with a vineyard manager/ other employees, you would select the answer possibilities b, c, and d to receive a total of 35 points.

Also note that selecting the choice "N/A" will result in zero points being awarded.

Make sure to include 2012 in the name of your vineyard so that your previous vintage information is not affected. For example, Benziger Family Winery 2012. 

Here is your 2012 Distinctive Quality Point Assessment. Click here for PDF download or here for Word Doc.


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