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Other Favorites

Other Favorites

Deeply hued, this ruby red port has rich, decadent layers of blackberry and currant with nuances of spice and coffee in the finish. A balanced wine, the sweetness is offset by the complexity of the flavors and full bodied mouthfeel.

$36.00  / Bottle
This Zinfandel has the best of both sides of the valley. Ripe, dark fruit flavors and aromas of plum and jam originate from the warm Bruschera Vineyard, while the cooler Cassata imparts fresh raspberry, strawberry, and a hint of white pepper.

$46.00  / Bottle
Joaquin’s Inferno headlines amazing chocolate, black tea and coffee aromas, while black pepper and smoky notes compete for attention. Flavors of black cherry, vanilla and cedar open on the palate, with a nice toast nuance from oak aging. This wine’s aromas are constantly changing; it’s dynamic and alive with a round, wide entry.

$65.00  / Bottle
Crafted as an invitingly fresh wine with aromas of persimmon, strawberry and hard candy followed by flavors of red raspberry sorbet. Refreshing and dry, it finishes full and pleasing on the palate.

$19.00  / Bottle
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