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May 2010
Benziger Family Winery
1883 London Ranch Road
Glen Ellen, CA 95442
Megan Mack
Public Relations Manager
707.935.4011 Direct

GLEN ELLEN, CALIFORNIA (May 11, 2010) – Benziger Family Winery has launched a dual-platform smartphone application (“App”), joining a select few smartphone technology trailblazers in the wine industry. It is available for download for iPhone and Android phones at http://road.ie/benziger, with a Blackberry version coming soon. The aim of the App is to connect Benziger Family Winery’s portfolio of award-winning, certified sustainable, organic, and Biodynamic wines with an expanding audience of smartphone users.

Benziger Family Winery App users need merely tap a few buttons to see the current view of the vineyards, hear the winemakers discuss the current vintage or peruse and purchase wine. This application simplifies making reservations for tours and tastings, contacting Benziger Family Winery with feedback or requests and serves as a direct window into winemaking practices, special offers and events.

“In the same way we combine innovation, creativity and quality in our wines, we want to carry this over to technology,” explained Benziger Family Winery’s Vice President of Marketing, Mark Marinozzi. “To be on the upside of the technology upsurge and improve communication with our loyal customers, while also continuing to promote and improve this industry is a priority for Benziger Family Winery.”

Sending information digitally and connecting with consumers virtually, rather than on paper, is also in line with Benziger Family Winery’s sustainable business model and commitment to eco-friendly winemaking practices.

Highlighted features of the new smartphone application include a “wine browser.” A dynamic display of all Benziger Family Winery’s labels, users can scroll through a “coverflow” of these label images, which represent all Benziger wines currently for sale, and “flip” (by tapping the label image) the label over for more technical information, tasting notes, to purchase the wine or find the nearest retail location. The App also broadcasts videos on “BzTV,” allowing wine trade and consumers to stay tuned-in for updates from the Benziger Family, the winery, vineyards and ranch. Users can also book tours and tastings, view an event calendar and RSVP to events, view recent photos and obtain the latest news, including official “tweets” from Twitter. The App also features a “fan wall” for users to leave comments and receive a response from the winery.

The App is powered by Mobile Roadie (www.mobileroadie.com), the leading self-service App platform company. With a user-friendly and customizable platform, Mobile Roadie provides an easily updated content management system, allowing the winery to update all content in real time. This function is essential for Benziger Family Winery App administrators to keep App users frequently updated.

“We hope this App will be a useful tool for customers to connect with us. It will allow users to explore Benziger content on their own terms, when and where they want, rather than being bombarded,” said Tim Wallace, President of Benziger Family Winery. “The goal is also to improve the customer experience, educate and provide beautiful content.”

About Benziger Family Winery:
Leaders in Biodynamic, organic and certified-sustainable farming, Benziger Family Winery is dedicated to crafting authentic wines that are true to the grape variety, vintage and vineyard. They believe that natural farming yields wines with more flavors, aromas and site-specific character. Farming in this way commands the enthusiasm of an entire team devoted to a singular passion. At Benziger that team is a family, and their passion is Sonoma County winegrowing. For more information, visit www.benziger.com. Follow on Twitter: @benzigerwinery.

About Mobile Roadie
Mobile Roadie is the leading self-service platform that allows anyone to quickly and inexpensively build their own iPhone or Android App to connect directly with consumers, sell music, tickets, and merchandise and promote viral activity. Apps can be instantly updated with a powerful content management system. Built-in features include media (music, photos, video), shows/events, and fan interaction (with Facebook/Twitter viral spread). Musicians, conferences, brands, authors, athletes, politicians, celebrities, hotels and churches have all used Mobile Roadie's highly customizable tools to build a powerful mobile App. Clients include: Levi’s, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Live Nation, Universal Music, Random House, EMI, and Sony Music. Learn more at MobileRoadie.com. Follow on Twitter: @mobileroadie. 

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