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Wine Videos

Wine Videos

Our first RED varietal received during the 2010 harvest was our San Remo Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley. The grapes were beautiful, full clusters with delicious flavors, even with the peculiar summer weather that we've experienced. See for yourselves.

October has been warm! Here we are picking the Pinot Noir from the de Coelo Vineyard.

Another crazy California weather pattern has kept us on our toes! It's October and we are still picking white grapes! Typically this late in the season all our white wines are in the barrel by now...but it's good news, the grapes are coming in beautifully ripened and full of flavor! The extra hang-time has developed a delicious crop this year, with unique characteristics.

This year has been an atypical summer in Sonoma County. With fog hanging long after noon, this year has been the coldest summer in forty years. Mike Benziger takes extreme measures to make sure he has the tastiest crop possible. Let's just say 2010 is all about smart farming techniques.

The record breaking cool summer weather allowed for much of our varietals to have optimal hang times. The longer the fruit is allowed to slowly build sugars, the more intense the flavors and textures will become. This bounty will be one of the most texturally complex and intensely flavored of all times.

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