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2010 Signaterra Sunny Slope Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Unite Price: $59
  • Quantity: 2
2011 Obsidian Point, Sonoma Mountain Estate
  • Unite Price: $59
  • Quantity: 2

Sub-Total: $119.00

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Benziger Family Winery is available for a variety of private luncheons or evening events throughout the year.

Whether you are hosting a meeting for your sales staff, arranging for a private wine tour or throwing a dinner for your closest friends, let our team craft the perfect wine experience for your group.

Please contact our staff for more information or to make reservations.   (707) 935-3010

Please note: Benziger Family Winery does not host weddings or wedding receptions.

Blind Tasting

Have your group ‘blindly’ try to identify four different Benziger wines. You will be presented with four wines and four wine descriptions. After swirling, smelling, and tasting you try to correctly match each wine with its’ corresponding description. A Benziger Winery facilitator will educate participants on key elements of the wine and help them learn what components make up the final product. After everyone has completed the matching exercise, the facilitator will announce the answers and grade the participants. For additional fun, the group coordinator may work with the Special Events Department to arrange a prize for the winner.

20 guests minimum

  • $50.00 per guest
  • $40.00 wine club members
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Blending Class

Our Sonoma Mountain Estate Vineyard is the perfect setting to get away from it all and focus on forging quality professional relationships. This class allows your group to work together in new and creative ways. Appropriate group size ranges from 30 to 120 people. Groups are split into teams of mock wineries. Team members will play one of  the three roles critical to a successful wine business. Each team will elect Winemakers, Graphic Artists and Marketers. Winemakers work through trial and error to blend several wines together in crafting their favorite combination. Their creation is then funneled into bottles. The Graphic Artists are given tools to compose their own unique label design. The team then must work with the Marketers to develop the best way to represent their new brand. Each team then presents their wine  and undergoes an evaluation by an ‘expert’ panel. Companies often conclude the experience by relating common themes to their specific work environment, helping their group take back new ways of communication and team work.

30 guest minimum

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