Best Tasting Rooms In Napa And Sonoma: Four To Try

Forbes, Travel,  Now you can’t swing a stick in wine country without hitting a packed tasting room and a hefty fee. Yet, along with the crowds and fees we’ve seen a surge in inventive offerings and unique tasting experiences. Vintage verticals, food and wine pairings, wine blending sessions…if you can conceive of it, someone is doing it. Below you’ll find four of my current favorite tasting experiences, each with their own personality. The Pinot Experience: Benziger’s Pinot Parlor The newly minted Pinot Parlor at Benziger winery specializes in, yes, Pinot Noir. But, what I love most about this concept is the seated singular focus on one varietal from a range of appellations. The Benzigers also farm most of their land biodynamically, which you will also learn more about—and it’s my personal opinion that biodynamic wines have a unique purity in taste. You’ll get to sample at least five different wines (from the de Coelo and Signaterra labels) and in the process learn about clones and why certain ones do better in certain soils and climates. During the experience you’ll have a guide to talk you through each wine. This is absolutely worth the effort if you desire to know and understand more about Pinot Noir. $50 per person 10:30am & 2pm. To read the full article click here.