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Our Story

We are proud to tend our wines with the most eco-responsible methods available. Discover our journey in becoming certified sustainable, organic, and Biodynamic.

Our History

At Benziger, we're about three things: family, great wine and healthy vineyards. For over thirty years, we’ve crafted expressive wines from our Sonoma Mountain ranch and premium Sonoma County vineyards. We’re proud to tend these sites using eco-friendly farming – each is certified Biodynamic, organic, or sustainable. Taste the difference when you explore our award-winning collection. Tap below to read through the milestones in our journey.

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Newlyweds Mike & Mary Benziger drive west and permanently settle in Northern California.


Mike and his father, Bruno Benziger purchase the historic Wegener Ranch on Sonoma Mountain in Glen Ellen. They move in on Halloween.


The four remaining siblings - Bob, Joe, Jerry, and Patsy, with their spouses make their way to California.


Imagery Series is introduced as a collaboration between Winemaker, Joe Benziger and Artist, Bob Nugent.


Benziger Sonoma Mountain Estate transitions from conventional to Biodynamic farming. Five years later, in 2000, the Estate is officially certified as a Biodynamic® Farm by the Demeter® Association.


Tribute, our flagship wine is introduced. Tribute becomes the first Certified Biodynamic® release from Benziger Sonoma Mountain Estate.


The “Third Generation” joins the family business: Mike Benziger’s son Buck is named Bottling Manager.


All Benziger wines are certified as sustainable, organic, or Biodynamic®.


Mike Benziger & International Biodynamic Consultant Alan York, are featured on the cover of the Wine Spectator.


The first Benziger of the fourth generation is born.


Mike Benziger retires. Lisa Amaroli becomes Winemaker.


Benziger Family Winery celebrates the 20th anniversary of our Demeter® Certification.

The Benziger Family

The Benziger Family created this winery in 1980. We continue to carry this legacy onward.

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Chris Benziger

Brand Ambassador

Still in high school when the Benziger family moved from White Plains, Chris finished his senior year in wine country. He went on to earn a degree in marketing from the University of San Francisco while spending summers, weekends and every spare moment working at the winery. He officially joined the Benziger Family Winery in 1993.

Chris oversees the home ranch and is dedicated to the thriving Biodynamic ecosystem of the estate: shepherding the Benziger flock of sheep, tending to the estate vegetable and fruit trees, and producing Biodynamic preparations for our vineyards. Chris feels that the only way to communicate the quality of the wines he promotes is by having the soil from the vineyard in which he’s endorsing under his nails.

Today, he also serves as Brand Ambassador Vice President, traveling to major markets and promoting Benziger wines around the country.