The Luxury Road Trip: Coastal California

DuJour Magazine, August 2014 Visit: Benziger Family Winery There’s an undeniable family-owned feel that you get when you first step foot onto the Benziger Estate. When you visit, if Mike Benziger is around to give you a tour, he’ll proudly tell you about the rich history of the property, which he purchased with his wife in 1980. Just a year later, 14 members of the Benziger clan were living and working together on the vineyard as they prepared to launch the family wine business. The brand has since become synonymous with biodynamic winemaking, a practice they implemented in the early ‘90s and continue to employ today. Benziger currently produces everything from Sauvignon Blanc to Syrah, but their standout is undoubtedly a 2011 Bordeaux blend called “Tribute,” which pays homage to the winemaker’s parents. To read the whole article click here.